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We offer our customers access to our storefront through our consignment system. This allows you to sell your gently used sneakers and other apparel through our storefront. This enables us to offer our clients name brands at an affordable price, but each of these items is effectively one of a kind. Check back often because you never know what might come through our storefront.

Verification Process:

What is Wall Street Sneakers Verification Process for sneakers and apparel?
We only sell authentic merchandise, and every item sent in for consignment has to meet our strict verification process. Wall Street Sneakers hired industry experts that specialize in spotting fakes. We also check for any signs of wear and ensure it meets strict criteria before it is ever shipped to our loyal customers.

The verification process is very important to build our company's brand and reputation. Once the product arrives at our office from the seller, our verification team will review and look at every single product. No exceptions are made for multiple items sold by the same seller. Even our high volume sellers know that we inspect everything before it is put out for sale.

The verification team will review every product to make sure they are 100% authentic used or new. Once confirmed, the product will ship directly to the buyer with our authentication tag. If we determine a product is NA or fake, we will refund the buyer, send the item back to the seller at their own expense. Our compliance team will monitor and prevent sellers from consigning NA or fake products and remove the seller list. When you shop with us you can be sure your item is authentic and has been hand-inspected by our team of industry experts.

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